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Zooming in QuickLook with ease

Todo sobre Quicklook

Discovering small details about the use of Mac OS X and in particular Quicklook is something that will never cease to amaze me no matter how insignificant they may be or seem. The last one thanks to @Pumkin, I confess I didn’t know it, is the possibility to zoom in the images that we visualize with Quicklook .

Zooming in QuickLook with ease
Zooming in QuickLook with ease

To do this, once we click on the icon inside the Finder window or the space bar we only have to place the mouse pointer inside the image and hold down the Alt key. With this combination we will zoom in by clicking on it, while if we keep the Command + Alt keys pressed we will get the opposite effect: Zoom out.

Once we have made Zoom if we stop pressing any key the mouse pointer will change to be able to move the image inside the Quicklook window. I told you that I didn’t know this detail and that now it will save me from opening Preview or another application to be able to observe some specific detail in any image. Because, along with the available plugins, Quicklook is still my favourite feature in Mac OS X.

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