Zippy, iOS7-style task management

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Zippy, iOS7-style task management
Zippy, iOS7-style task management

At first glance we can say: another application for task management , but Zippy is a bit more complete than all the others since, besides adding reminders and tasks in a quick and easy way, it also keeps track of it until the moment of completion.

It is a well designed and very attractive application , full of pastel colors, with a nice interface in which the windows you open are transparent and make you see what you have underneath with a blurred effect that reminds a lot of iOS 7 and is very pleasant to the eye of the users . Zippy also organizes your tasks in chronological order, so you can quickly see everything at a glance.

As its creator Amit Wadhawan said: “The goal from the beginning was simplicity” . It also shows you the time of day and day of the week that you tend to create tasks, when you are most efficient in performing them and the time it takes you to complete them. You can display the information in graph form to track your tasks and see how you are doing this week, as you did last week, last month, and so on.

As you complete your to-do list, you’ll remove them from the list by simply sliding them to the left, where a notification will alert you that it’s marked as done. It has another menu of options that gives you the ability to delete, reschedule, snooze , and share the task through messages, email, Facebook and Twitter .

If you’re the kind of person who writes down all your tasks in a diary so that you don’t forget them and always keeps an eye on the clock so that you can do them all, maybe you can simplify all those functions with Zippy .

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