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ZAGG Introduces New Backlit Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro


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ZAGG Introduces New Backlit Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro
ZAGG Introduces New Backlit Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro


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Temas de interés It also doesn’t have playback keys, for example. Fortunately, accessory manufacturers are already offering solutions to these problems. ZAGG has done so at the CES 2019 with a total of three new iPad Pro cases .


As announced by ZAGG today, its new line of iPad and iPad Pro keyboard sleeves has a few features that users have been demanding from Apple. The brand’s new keyboards protect the iPad from falls and scratches, but also feature a multi-function keyboard or even a storage space for the Apple Pencil.

At AppleApple Smart Keyboard Folio in detail: How the new keyboard for iPad Pro works

Not one or two, but three new keys have been introduced by ZAGG. Each is designed to meet different needs and have the following features:

  • Slim Book Go: A keyboard that, as its name suggests, is a fine and elegant keyboard. The case protects the iPad on its back and in the corners, while the screen part is covered by the keyboard when not in use. A keyboard that can be detached and paired with a second device simultaneously, such as an iPhone. Available from $99.99 for the 9.7-inch iPad at the official ZAGG website. For the new 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro it will be available soon.

ZAGG Slim Book Go

  • Rugged Book Go: The second of the keyboards is designed more to withstand impacts, thus sacrificing thinness but ensuring more robustness in return. This model will sell for the 11-inch iPad Pro for $149.99 starting in the spring.

ZAGG Rugged Book Go

  • Messenger Folio: This time we lost the keyboard backlighting, although it offers two different positions in terms of angles for the iPad. The external part is made of fabric and not plastic like the previous ones, more elegant but less protective. In terms of format and functions, we could say it’s the alternative to Apple’s Smart Keyboard. An alternative that’s available from $69.99 for the 11-inch iPad Pro starting next month.

ZAGG Messenger Folio

In short, a good handful of third party keyboards as an alternative to the one officially offered by Apple. In addition to these, Brydge has already shown us what his keyboard will look like, much more focused on the professional sector and with a MacBook look. We’re sure to see some more keyboards for the iPad Pro at this CES.

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