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Yummly, the essential for the kitchen

Yummly (Gratis)

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Yummly, the essential for the kitchen
Yummly, the essential for the kitchen

More than one will like to develop their culinary skills in their free time . From the most traditional dishes to the most varied ones, including of course the most appetizing pastries. Or on the contrary, if you do not have the necessary patience and management to cook, we propose an application that will make anyone’s mouth water.

We have found Yummly, a must-have application for those adept at cooking. Yummly provides a huge photographic recipe book where you can select the right recipe based on your tastes . Once you have decided what you are going to cook Yummly will provide you with all the information you need to know about that recipe.

Yummly’s awesome. In a totally intuitive way it provides you with: ingredients, nutritional value and processing method . The instructions for preparation display a website that contains all the steps to follow. It also allows you to choose the number of diners, thus adapting the necessary quantities of each ingredient.

Of course you can search for recipes according to your criteria. In fact Yummly provides you with a search engine in which you can set search filters according to: type of cuisine, preparation time or nutritional values . These options display slider bars that allow you to adjust the search value to the desired one.

Yummly doesn’t disappoint on either side. It shows all kinds of information about a recipe in a very easy way. We are impressed that it is even able to adapt the quantities of the ingredients according to the number of diners selected. The search possibilities and the extensive nutritional information are great considering that we can find Yummly for free in the App Store .

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