You’ve been doing your laundry wrong all your life and Laundry Day is the app that will tell you why

We have reached the peak of human evolution and all thanks to an app. Better to use the word that is in fashion lately: augmented reality. Because Laundry Day is the app that every student and young newly independent person needs when doing their laundry. Or maybe not so young. Whatever your case, it’s quite possible that you’ve been doing your laundry wrong for years without even knowing it. Inside app.

Augmented reality in the service of humanity

So far and since the last WWDC we have been choking on augmented reality examples under ARKit. But that doesn’t mean that similar technologies didn’t exist before. Laundry Day is an app that allows you to find out the meaning of the hieroglyphs that are hidden in the labels of your clothes and it does it through the camera of your iPhone. If you’ve ever wondered what those symbols mean, this app will answer all your questions.

You’ve been doing your laundry wrong all your life and Laundry Day is the app that will tell you why
You’ve been doing your laundry wrong all your life and Laundry Day is the app that will tell you why

When you first launch the app, you’ll need to give it permission to use the camera although it’s not strictly necessary. The main function of Laundry Day will allow you to focus the camera on the clothing labels and select the symbols you don’t know to reveal their meaning.

There’s no longer any excuse for not knowing what the hieroglyphics on clothing labels mean

Make sure you focus well and select the right icons. If the light is low, you can activate the flash. In my tests, it works best on labels that only have one row of symbols. In case you didn’t know (I just found out so don’t worry), there is a whole collection of them for all kinds of clothes, fabrics, temperatures, composition and colors.

Also, they vary by country. Something that is inexplicable since these types of symbols are supposed to be universal. It’s as if the fabric manufacturers had agreed to make it difficult for us.

The perfect app for students

With Laundry Day you will stop cutting the wash labels because their symbols will finally make sense. In addition to the visual recognition function, there is a repository with all the wash icons organized by category:

  • Washing: here you will find the machine wash, temperature limits, washing machine loading (watch out for the stripes on some icons) and even fabrics.
  • Bleach: beyond with or without bleach, there is a whole range of symbols. Did you know that there is bleach without chlorine but with oxygen? No idea what that means, but it’s important for your clothes.
  • Drying: outdoors, in the shade, hanging in the shade, without heat, with dryer up to 55 degrees or 65 degrees. There are also icons here to drive you crazy.
  • Iron: you guessed it, there is also a whole collection of symbols for the iron. From “no ironing” to “up to 110 degrees” to “no steam”.
  • Professional: these are already for dry-cleaners, but it’s worth taking them into account.

Laundry Day para iPhone, 1,09 euros.

Now there’s no more excuses. Putting all the dirty clothes in the washing machine without distinguishing fabrics, colours or temperatures is the comfortable thing to do, but accelerates the deterioration of the clothes in the long term . And in the end, you will have to throw away clothes you have hardly used because they simply look old .

Laundry Day is an app that every independent student with an iPhone should have installed. The downside is that it is entirely in English and has not been updated since its launch in December 2015. Otherwise, its price of 1.09 euros is minimal compared to the possibility of extending the life of your clothes.

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