YouTube for iOS updates and launches new icon


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YouTube for iOS updates and launches new icon
YouTube for iOS updates and launches new icon

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YouTube gets a new update for iOS, after months of not updating in the App Store. Get the same updates as the Android update, which was released today. These include support for continuous playlist playback and a new picture-in-picture feature that gives us the ability to search for new videos while playing the previously selected one.

If a few hours ago the Android version was updated, now the same thing happens with YouTube for iOS, which in its new update brings the same flood of new features as the green android .

Among the most notable new features, it now supports continuous playback of playlist videos, and the picture-in-picture mode , which will allow us to search for new videos while watching the one we’ve decided to play.

The best thing about continuous play mode is that if you start a playlist, you don’t have to go back to the search screen to see new videos, but rather will play one after the other , as in the desktop version.

This new version 2.0 also brings support for the Chromecast, with a new preview screen that allows us to add the videos we want to the playlist and thus see them on TV while we do something else with our phone. You don’t need to have the YouTube app active, everything is processed inside the Chromecast.

The interface has also received changes, the first affected being the interface icon. Inside the gradients and bevels of the already elegant interface have disappeared, which I liked almost more than the current one, which already looks much better in iOS 7, for which it is optimized.

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