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You’re more likely to lose your iPhone than have it stolen

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The most likely thing is that you will lose your iPhone

You’re more likely to lose your iPhone than have it stolen
You’re more likely to lose your iPhone than have it stolen

By Ángel Roca – Tue 6, 2019ShareFacebookTwitter

One of the concerns we all have is the loss of the iPhone, it is a device in which we store a lot of personal information and without which it would be very difficult to live today. Surely the first thing that comes to mind is that you can steal the iPhone , however this is less likely.

According to a recent study, you are more likely to run out of an iPhone because of your own fault than because someone steals it from you. Specifically, you are twice as likely to forget your iPhone anywhere than to have it stolen.

If you lose your iPhone, it’s probably your fault

A recent study by the company Prey, which specialises in device protection, analyses the most common reasons why any of us can lose our devices , and the most common of all is to forget about them. Perhaps you have to see that stealing an iPhone nowadays is not something that makes much sense

This company has analysed all the cases where users cannot find their iPhone and the results are as follows:

  • Forgotten device: 69.12%.
  • Pickpocket: 10.98%.
  • Home invasion: 7.6%.
  • Theft: 6.76%.
  • Carjacking: 2.77%.
  • Theft from your business: 2.77%.

As we can see, of all the devices that go missing, only a third are stolen. Almost 70% of the cases in which an iPhone gets lost, the fault is of the user himself who lost it somewhere. If you have lost your iPhone we recommend that you follow all these steps.

Can’t find your iPhone anywhere? It’s probably at home

The study goes beyond the probabilities of losing a device and also analyses the most common places where users lose their smartphones , and also the places most used by thieves. The results are quite interesting.

Most common places to lose your iPhone :

  • At home: 28.10%.
  • On the street: 15.88%.
  • In the office: 13.09%.
  • In public transport: 11.87%.

Places where they usually steal more iPhone :

  • Public transport: 28.57%.
  • On the street: 19.78%.
  • In the office: 17.58%.
  • At school or university: 12.09%.

In addition to these interesting data, we also have a percentage of the most stolen devices: smartphones lead this statistic with 73.05% , then laptops with 24.22% and finally desktops with 2.77%.

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