your technical support comes first in the Laptop Magazine tests

Every year Laptop Magazine tests the technical services of each laptop manufacturer, and they have recently launched the conclusions and list of best services for 2019. Guess who’s in first place? That’s right: Apple continues to beat all rivals in this test by scoring 91 out of 100 .

It is followed by Razer with a score of 88 and Dell with 77 out of 100, with Dell even leading Apple in the partial web support score but dropping three points in the overall score. In tenth position is Lenovo with a fair pass of 55 points, and the worst mark on the list is MSI with a score of 30 out of 100.

your technical support comes first in the Laptop Magazine tests
your technical support comes first in the Laptop Magazine tests

In Xataka, how is the technical service of the mobile phone manufacturers? We test the support of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Sony and more

To generate this score, the Laptop Magazine team contacts Apple technical support by making calls and writing messages on the company’s website simulating problems and doubts. Some of them are everyday (such as activating the dark mode in Mojave macros) and some others are unanswered questions that are asked intentionally (” how can I turn off my webcam? “) to see how they react from technical support.

And the reaction is good: the average time on calls is 6 minutes and 40 seconds (37% less than last year). Laptop Magazine also highlights the reaction time of Apple Support’s Twitter account, but mentions as a drawback the absence of such commonly known words as “webcam” in its support documents. The argument is that few people will think to look for “FaceTime camera” in the official documentation website instead of something like “camera” or “webcam”.

But still, Apple maintains the position of absolute queen in terms of quality and efficiency of technical support. The difference in scores between the other companies is very small, so it will be a challenge to maintain the leadership next year.

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