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Your screensaver with information about your Mac

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Usually, when the screensaver starts running, we lose the ability to be aware of the information that the different applications on our Mac show us: if we have any new emails, a new updated feed, the time, the battery charge time…

With Status Screensaver , we can be informed even when it is activated. This is a “special” screensaver that displays a lower icon bar with a large amount of information to be displayed, fully customizable. Best of all, from Status Screensaver we can choose any of our screensavers to run at the same time as this information.

Your screensaver with information about your MacYour screensaver with information about your Mac

The program is totally free , and at the moment, it has support for Mail, Gmail Notifier, battery charge level ( if we are on a laptop ), NetNewsWire, Vienna, lifetime of our session, time, Twitterrific… and soon will have support for iCal and Adium .

The only catch is that some screensavers slow down a bit if they need to do complex calculations to show their effect, but in general, it’s a good idea for short periods of time when our Mac is at rest but we don’t want to lose a single byte of information.