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your new smartphone supports AirPlay

HTC 10: renovado por dentro y por fuera, ¿será suficiente?

Personally, I’m more of an iPhone guy, but I always like to look at other companies’ smartphones to notice unexpected news like this: it turns out that the new HTC 10 phone is capable of playing content using AirPlay . You have all the new details about this phone in Xataka.

your new smartphone supports AirPlayyour new smartphone supports AirPlay

And it does so without the need to install any special components or programs, directly out of the box and fully integrated with your Android system, just slide three fingers over whatever you want to transmit. This is the first time that a non-Apple terminal does something like this.

AirPlay on the HTC 10 is a completely deliberate innovation

This means that the HTC can be used with the Apple TV , and with the full range of wireless speakers that accept this Apple broadcast protocol. From MacRumors they claim that this is a deliberate move to be ” platform agnostic “, as HTC’s Vice President of Product Marketing Darren Sng has said:

We can see the effects of this from all sides. Maybe people will want this phone and encourage AppleTV purchases, or the other way around: maybe Apple will see this as a move to slow down iPhone sales. But either way, we will have to be attentive to the reactions coming from Cupertino about this.

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