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your name may end up being iPhone 9

More clues are coming from one of the most rumored Apple phones of the last few years: the iPhone SE 2. Japanese media Macotakara has corroborated the past leaks that we will see it next spring, but adding something else: apparently the phone would be called ‘iPhone 9’ .

This is not the first time this name has appeared in rumours . If you remember, this is how we referred to the successor to the iPhone 8 before it was officially named ‘iPhone XR’, although we’re not used to seeing it mentioned as the successor to the original iPhone SE.

your name may end up being iPhone 9
your name may end up being iPhone 9

Personally, I don’t see much point in that name. An iPhone 9 that would come out in the same year that the ‘iPhone 11S’ or ‘iPhone 12’ arrives is a bit outdated, making it seem like an iPhone that is already a bit outdated. But it has to be said: ‘iPhone SE 2’ also seems to me to be a bit of an odd name. Apple Insider also thinks it is “unlikely”

AppleApple expects to sell at least 20 million iPhone SE 2s by 2020 according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

With all the iPhone models Apple wants to launch in 2020, the company may be planning a change in naming of the handsets to better fit those names. Or maybe they’re right in Macotakara and we’ll see an iPhone 9 in the Apple Store in a few months. What this terminal should really attract is the price , which is expected to be $399 in the United States.

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