Your iPhone battery is not defective, it’s your imagination

With the launch of iOS 11, many users have noticed how the battery in their iPhone was considerably reduced in autonomy . Some of the answers Apple offers are, at the very least, striking.

If you’ve recently visited the Apple Store about your iPhone’s battery performance, you may be familiar with some of the answers.

Your iPhone battery is not defective, it’s your imagination
Your iPhone battery is not defective, it’s your imagination

Apple’s new operating system has many virtues, but one widespread customer complaint is undoubtedly the low battery life.

Some users who have gone to an Apple Store have found very striking answers when trying to find a solution with the autonomy of their iPhone.

If your iPhone’s battery is at 84% of its capacity after 18 or 24 months of use, this is normal wear and tear and you would not be entitled to a battery replacement.

In the App Store there are applications that allow us to assess the battery status of neutral equipment. We have been able to verify how this percentage coincides with the tests carried out by Apple through its support application.

On the part of Apple, these types of batteries are in good condition and would not be replaced. The solution, restore the iPhone from scratch , without backup. This will prevent any application that has been incorrectly installed from consuming unnecessary resources.

The tests carried out have not been at all positive, with a performance similar to that recorded before the restoration. However, the most striking response has been: “It’s your imagination, your iPhone is perfect”.

One of our readers went to an Apple Store to try to find a solution for his business iPhone, where the battery could not hold more than half a day . When explaining the problem, one of the Genius gave a rather conspicuous answer.

“That’s a product of your imagination, the battery of your iPhone is correctly, even better than average, iOS 11 does not degrade the autonomy in older equipment” .

As always, the solution is to do a computer restore and control the applications that can affect the performance of the computer . In this case, this solution also did not improve the performance of the battery.

So possibly, your iPhone is perfectly fine and the problem is probably one of your imagination, not your battery or iOS 11 , according to an Apple specialist.

Have you noticed lower battery performance on your iPhone with iOS 11? Are you happy with the battery life of iOS 11 on your iPhone?

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