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your camera will be better thanks to its stabilization

Rumors about next year’s iPhone are rampant on the networks about all the features it will include. One of the aspects that we will see in this new generation is undoubtedly the 5G connectivity but we will also see a significant improvement in the camera although we have already had some very good feelings with the iPhone 11 Pro.

The stabilization of the iPhone has improved generation after generation, taking a big leap in the iPhone XS and now with the iPhone 11 Pro we have all been very surprised . In the tests that we have done and that we have shared with all of you we have been able to see that the stabilization of this new equipment is a wonder because even though we are going down a staircase or running while recording video it seems that we are using a gimbal.

your camera will be better thanks to its stabilization
your camera will be better thanks to its stabilization

As reported by Digitimes today, the future iPhone would include a new, more advanced stabilization component by referencing sources close to the component supply chain. It is possible that this new component will end up being profiled to save space inside the device and be able to include a larger battery or leave space for other extra components. There is also the theory that the aim is to lower costs to avoid having to increase the price of next year’s iPhone as a result of the inclusion of 5G connectivity. We have seen that versions with this feature have been linked to a price increase in other brands but Apple may not want to increase the price on their iPhones to make them more accessible.

With this we are already starting to have a rather curious list of rumors about the future iPhone. In addition to the 5G, the trio of devices that will see the light in September 2020 will arrive with OLED panels in different sizes and the higher end ones will include in the camera in addition to this improved stabilizer a 3D sensor designed to offer better augmented reality features.

This is obviously just rumors but in the end we will have to wait until next year to see what Apple has in store for us. Although it’s not surprising that the rumors about this device have already started, as it happened in early 2019, in January some models of iPhone 11 Pro started to be seen and finally they accepted.

Leave us a comment in the comment box what you think about an improvement in the stabilization of the next iPhone.

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