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Young Developer Helps Your Family with Your App Store Earnings

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of amazing cases of young geniuses becoming developers, but this one is a bit special. This is Michael Sayman, a young developer known for creating 4 Snaps , an entertaining game for iOS who has now decided to tell his story.

Sayman wanted to show what it was like to grow up in the world of iOS development at such a young age, because he succeeded at only 13 years old. At this age he launched his first application, which was based on his blog about Club Penguin .

Young Developer Helps Your Family with Your App Store Earnings
Young Developer Helps Your Family with Your App Store Earnings

This young developer soon got media attention and began traveling the world sharing his story. Sayman now wanted to tell how, despite being so young , he managed to help his family financially with the money generated by his apps on the App Store .

His profile deepens the irony of being paid to travel and tell his personal success story, while his parents struggled at home to support themselves financially. Sayman has explained how she became the main source of income in her home and what that meant for a teenager at school.

The young developer comments that all the money he earned went to help his family , because “what was I going to do with $12,000 a month? I was 14! I didn’t need it at all” . On the other hand, Sayman comments that he bought the highest range Mac available and the best iPhone he could for himself and the rest he gave to his family.

However, he explains how the pressure to pay the bills began to increase and his high school grades began to drop rapidly. “I used to get A’s and B’s, but then I got C’s and D’s” , or in other words, went from getting A’s and B’s to failing sometimes .

Stories like these of app developers struggling in the App Store are not too rare, but the fact that this one has caught the eye is because it is a developer who was only 14 years old at the time. In 9to5Mac they also point out how Sayman describes the challenge of explaining to his parents what he had to do in order to earn that money every month .

Now that Sayman is 19 years old and is a product manager on Facebook he comments that it is time to “share what it feels like to be successful in a world where everything is falling down around you” . If you want to take a look at Sayman’s apps you can find them in the App Store for free.

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