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You think you’re a fan of Apple? You still have a long way to go, young Padawan

Apple has always had a very loyal customer base. Over the past fifteen years and as its products have gained in popularity, the number of the brand’s supporters has also grown at a good pace. So much so that some of them have wanted to demonstrate their loyalty to the bitten apple in one way or another.

Creating a museum with countless products from the California company, tattooing the logo on your skin, or making impossible predictions about upcoming products are some of them. But there are many more ways to publicize the weakness of Apple’s products.

An Apple museum in the garage

You think you’re a fan of Apple? You still have a long way to go, young Padawan
You think you’re a fan of Apple? You still have a long way to go, young Padawan

And of many other technological products from the last thirty years, David Greelish collects dozens of computers that he accumulates in the garage of his house. Greelish became interested in Apple’s history when he bought his first Mac in 1989.

From his personal blog he publishes news related to apple products. It should be noted that has managed to interview John Sculley , the former CEO of the company chosen by Steve Jobs himself. If you prefer to see a real museum and not a garage, an Italian association has obtained sufficient funding to open one.

The collector who lived on the edge

Adam Goolevitch is one of Apple’s best collectors and restorers of products. Under the pseudonym “wozniak” on eBay, he is responsible for sales as rare as a Macintosh SE with a transparent enclosure. From Cult of Mac they gave him an interesting interview that you can’t miss, in which he tells how he got confused with a drug dealer during a sale in a hotel room.

Computer and time auctions

Auctions are one of the best methods for selling products that by their nature are exclusive or very difficult to obtain. By definition, there can only be one, one buyer willing to pay that amount. That’s why when the Apple I is auctioned for amounts that reach between 300,000 and 500,000 dollars many of us take our hands off.

We have also seen how a meal with Tim Cook has come to be auctioned off, although on these occasions it was due to a good deed. The more than $300,000 collected this last time went to a charity cause. Too much money for a simple meal? Maybe, but you also have to remember that Apple is the biggest company in history and Cook is its CEO.

An apple tattoo, why not?

I’ve never liked tattoos but I understand that there are many people who like to get one. However, I think these tattoos go a long way. Too much . Even more since I know how much it costs to get one removed, in time and money . Well, there must be everything in the Lord’s vineyard.

The famous Apple tails

Whoever has not made a line in his life, should throw the first stone . To go to the cinema, to a concert, a Champions League final or to enter a restaurant. Or the bus queue to go to work and even to do the tax return. We queue constantly. Sometimes it’s out of obligation and sometimes out of pleasure.

Onno Bruins.

Almost a week before the new iPhone 6 was introduced, before we knew what it would look like, how much it would cost, or when it would go on sale, people were already lining up at the Apple Store in the Big Apple in New York. Although some of these players were doing it on behalf of an advertising company.

There’s also that guy who flew with his girlfriend from Los Angeles to Australia to get the world’s first iPhone 6. And he got it. He was first in line to get one.

99 iPhones to propose

We do not know if during the proposal that a young Chinese man made to his girlfriend, the song “99 problems” by Jay-Z was played, but what we do know is the result of his proposal. Despite giving her 99 iPhones 6 with a value of over $80,000, the young woman said no . I’ve always wondered what happened to all those phones.

The dynamic duo

What would Apple be today without the indispensable Gene Munster and Carl Icahn ? Genius and figure. The former has been predicting a complete Apple television almost since the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. You will always hear him ask “the question” to Tim Cook during the conferences with shareholders: “what are Apple’s plans with the television?

If you don’t know who Icahn is, perhaps this is enough for you: with 3 billion dollars invested he is one of the biggest shareholders of Apple . This renowned activist investor , 79 years old, has been proclaiming for years that Apple’s shares are undervalued and that the company should increase its share buyback programs. A true classic.

The loss of Steve Jobs

One of the most influential people of our era, the death of Steve Jobs caused a great shock throughout the world. The tributes followed one another on the web, but without a doubt what impressed me the most was the spontaneous reaction of the public in the Apple Stores . For days they received anonymous flowers, notes and condolences from millions of people around the world.


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