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You haven’t given your mother anything yet? Take this opportunity!

That you haven’t bought anything for your mother yet? If you’re still this absent-minded, don’t worry, we’ll bring you a solution . If there’s one thing we can’t allow, it’s that you leave your mother without a present, or do you want to run out of tonight’s cannelloni? We already know that Mother’s Day has passed by, but if you still want to fix that unforgivable mistake – yes, unforgivable as much as you think it is – we bring you some great offers with which to give her a real present . Are you going to let this opportunity pass you by?

We have already talked about the different iMyFone products , and the brand offers us all kinds of tools more than useful to handle our iPhone like a true professional, whether it is to import or export files, make an extensive backup , or anything else that comes to mind.

You haven’t given your mother anything yet? Take this opportunity!
You haven’t given your mother anything yet? Take this opportunity!

However, the price could end up pulling us back so the guys at iMyFone have reduced three products to only $9.99 (about 9 euros) for those of us who have not yet given our mothers anything. Three of their best products as well. There is no doubt that iMyFone is throwing the house out the window for Mother’s Day .

The first of all is iMyFone TunesMate which, in case you don’t know it, allows us to do all kinds of things when passing our iTunes library from the iPhone to the computer and vice versa , even recovering the data if it has been damaged or corrupted, which is not bad knowing how some iOS updates are spent, which can fail more than a fairground shotgun.

This is joined by iMyFone D-Port, which handles all the files on your iPhone , as well as iCloud backups or applications as well known as WhatsApp, and iMyFone Umate, to thoroughly clean up your iPhone , to the last corner, including those junk files that we would never have thought could be removed.

Get them for less than 10 euros each!

In short, the guys at iMyFone are offering us for only 9.95 euros each three products worth around 120 euros in total. In other words, an offer we can’t let go, either for our mother or for ourselves . Take advantage of these offers until May 21!