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You can play with your iPhone from your computer!

Many times we are presented with the situation of showing some photo, video or even showing a game to someone, but unfortunately the screen of our iPhone becomes small. That’s why with ApowerMirror we can duplicate the content of our device on the computer screen. We’ll tell you in more detail.

Increase the possibilities of our iPhone with ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is a multiplatform application that allows us to duplicate the screen of our iOS terminal . This is possible thanks to the AirPlay connection of our device.

You can play with your iPhone from your computer!
You can play with your iPhone from your computer!

In addition, this amazing application supports large broadcast data , so you can transmit videos, photos and even games wirelessly and without losing image quality!

Make the most of it

This powerful tool allows us to go further with our iPhone, as it will be very useful in our daily lives. For example, we can use it in the office or in the classroom , when we need to carry out a presentation or show some document to more people.

Another great utility that ApowerMirror presents is the power to broadcast in streaming some game of our iPhone , so if you are dedicated to gaming and want to show the public some game of the iOS platform, this tool will be your great ally!

Enjoy your iPhone content with family and friends . Now there’s no excuse for showing off your photos from your last trip! Good family moments are more than guaranteed with ApowerMirror.

Record and capture with ApowerMirror

This tool provides us with other additional functions such as recording the screen of our iOS terminal or taking screenshots of our mobile from our computer, so it will offer us a great user experience.

It should be noted that the free version of the application does not allow commercial use, so you can download it to your computer for personal use from the following link.

On the other hand, the purchase version offers us different advantages, such as 24 hour technical support . In addition, with the VIP account you provide, you can use the tool on all your computers and enjoy all the services of the software without any limitations.

There are many ways to pay:

  • Monthly mode (6.95 euros per month)
  • Quarterly mode (14.95 euros)
  • Annual mode (29.95 euros)
  • Lifetime mode (69.95 euros).

Enjoy your iPhone without limits with ApowerMirror!

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