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You can now view all the videos broadcast at the Apple 2018 event

Apple knows how to do many things well, but there is one thing that stands out completely from the rest, selling experiences instead of products.

It’s like that, it’s a fact. Apple videos show little of its products, but instead they show you everything you can do with them. Something they know to convey really well.

You can now view all the videos broadcast at the Apple 2018 eventYou can now view all the videos broadcast at the Apple 2018 event

If you haven’t been able to see the event on video, we show you some of the videos they have shown in the presentation , plus a video summary in less than two minutes.

Big news in 108 seconds


In this video, Steve Jobs gives us a summary of the highlights of the event presented in the auditorium on September 12.

Opening of the 2018 event


This presentation video encouraged the audience, where it ended with Tim Cook entering the stage as soon as he received the command to change the slides projected behind him.

It’s not the first time Tim Cook makes a video of this kind to start an event (and where we hope it won’t be the last)

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

The new iPhone most powerful fit in a single 4-minute video. All the latest highlights are here.

Introducing the Apple Watch


The first time the Californians showed the new watch to everyone. A short video but that certainly makes you want to buy it just by watching the first second of the video.

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Meet the new Apple Watch Series 4


In this commercial, Jony Ive tells us all the most important news about the Californian’s smart watch. Practically everything is new, from the design to the new functionalities.

Squeeze your Apple Watch Series 4


Here we can see how the Apple Watch Series 4 is a watch prepared for practically any sporting activity. All this accompanied by watchOS , where version 5 will arrive with many new features.

What did you think of all these videos we saw at the Apple event presentation?