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you can now download and test the new browser on macOS


It has taken little for Microsoft to launch Edge for MacOS after it was announced yesterday at its developer conference. Actually, it hasn’t been officially released, but it has been filtered and any user can download and test it without any problem.

you can now download and test the new browser on macOSyou can now download and test the new browser on macOS

Edge for MacOS is a new version of Microsoft’s browser that replaces Microsoft Explorer. A new Chromium-based version that makes Edge for MacOS practically a mirror-image version of Chrome for MacOS. Supports Chrome extensions and bookmarks among other things, but integrated with some Microsoft services. In fact, when you start it for the first time, it allows you to import Chrome data.

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The version we can already download is far from being a final version. This is a Canary version , which is the beta version of the beta. This alpha version of Edge for macOS works, although it is not free of bugs and sudden freezes. In my case, for example, after using it for a few minutes, I have been blocked three times.

Microsoft Edge Canary for Mac can be downloaded for free directly from Microsoft servers via a user shared link @h0x0d on Twitter.

What is Microsoft Edge for MacOS like? Very similar to Chrome actually . The icons are somewhat more along the lines of Microsoft’s linear and contrasting style. It also has some Microsoft-specific features like its Bing home page with news and other interesting facts. However, otherwise it is really like Chrome, even in terms of CPU and RAM it consumes the same.

A final version of Edge for MacOS will probably be released in the next few weeks. A new alternative to Safari, Chrome or Firefox that will try to differentiate itself by integrating Microsoft services. However, it will be difficult for many users who use iOS, where the default browser is Safari and therefore seek to have a complete synchronization between iOS and macOS.