Yoink, the tool that makes your tasks easier with Finder


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Yoink, the tool that makes your tasks easier with Finder
Yoink, the tool that makes your tasks easier with Finder

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Sometimes, dragging and dropping files can seem a bit tedious and even embarrassing for an entire afternoon. Navigating multiple windows, full-screen applications and folders can sometimes be a challenge. But dragging and dropping will no longer be a difficult task .

That will be thanks to Yoink , an application that, according to the description in the Mac App Store of its engineer Matthias Gansringler, allows us to simplify the process of dragging and dropping between windows, applications, spaces and full screen applications. As a heavy user on the Mac and after trying out other similar tools, I can say that this statement lives up to what we can actually do with it.

As you’ll see below, Yoink is one of those applications that you don’t realize what it needs until you see it in action and it shows you how easy it is to make your life. The video simply explains it better:

Once you have Yoink installed and running, all you need to do is initiate a click and drag action with any application. After doing so, you’ll see a Yoink pop-up folder appear at the top of all other windows. This folder acts as a temporary placeholder for the files you drag there.

You can then navigate to where you want to send that file and once the folder or application is open, drag it back from the window to its final resting place.

Yoink offers a wide variety of configuration options in your preferences. There, you can choose the desired location from the pop-up window where you drag files. By default, this window resides on the left side of the screen, but you can place it anywhere else, or make it float near the location where you drag. You can also opt for a set of ignored applications, and create a keyboard shortcut to invoke Yoink’s popup folder .

There are other tools like TotalFinder, which add other features that may also interest you.

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