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Yoigo rectifies after flood of customer criticism

A couple of days ago Yoigo announced changes in their conditions, so they announced it on Thursday 26th in a press conference. Not even 24 hours later the company, the result of a flood of criticism, had receded, which is not surprising since the new conditions were a nonsense that clashed head on with the transparency and good feeling that Yoigo has always aroused.

Iigo decides to turn back

At first the decision was clear and, like all companies, he set the conditions he thought appropriate. After the presentation of these conditions, the criticism was not long in coming as a storm broke out in the social networks attacking Yoigo for example limiting video playback to 480p or directly prohibiting tethering, this caused many users to threaten or go to another company.

Yoigo rectifies after flood of customer criticismYoigo rectifies after flood of customer criticism

At first Yoigo thought he could stand this criticism and cope , but more and more users joined in this protest against the new conditions, and immediately Yoigo had to make a decision.

If the customers don’t like it, we have nothing else to say’ these were the words of a Yoigo spokesman. A few hours after announcing the new conditions, the company made the decision to reverse the contractual conditions it had presented yesterday, which it was going to implement from February 16 for new customers and from March 16 for existing customers.

The company’s plans went wrong

At first the company wanted to limit the use of data, calls and video streaming and due to the controversy that was generated Yoigo has had no choice but to back out.

Operator sources have confirmed that this decision had to be taken within hours, after customers presented their discomfort. As we know, Yoigo is one of the companies with the highest satisfaction rates , they have always made it clear that ‘whatever the customer says goes to mass, they are in charge’ these were the words of the company’s spokesperson. Yoigo is one of the few companies that, apparently listening to their customers, since it strives to attract users with juicy services and conditions.

How do the conditions look after this turmoil?

The conditions are exactly the same as they were before this controversy was generated. Users will still be able to share their connection with other devices, calls without limits, and the possibility of choosing the type of network they want, both from Orange and Movistar.

The latter is something that affects me personally, since where I live I only have Movistar coverage, so I am grateful for Yoigo’s rectification. And we will be able to tether as well as play YouTube videos at the resolution we want.

It should be remembered that the current conditions call for reasonable use of the Yoigo network, but do not impose any limits as originally announced.

Tell us your opinion about what Yoigo proposed to launch at first, and after the correction in the comment box. Good weekend!