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Yaphone starts selling Mac computers on its website

Yaphone is one of the regular contributors to our YouTube channel. Where they offer Apple terminals at a lower price than other companies, but from now on, they also offer the possibility of buying Mac computers .

From a 5K iMac to a MacBook Air to the next generation MacBook Pro, of course. All available on your website and with free shipping to Spain (including the U.S. mainland and Balearic Islands). And if you live in Andorra , you can pick it up at the store.

Yaphone starts selling Mac computers on its websiteYaphone starts selling Mac computers on its website

The Mac portfolio could be expanded in the near future to include Apple’s new iMac Pro. Shipping time on selected items is 24 hours, for all other products the wait is 3 to 7 business days .

The Mac computers that we can find in the Yaphone store, you can not configure them to your liking, and come with a default configuration . They currently offer 5 models of iMac (3 from 27″ and 2 from 21″) with a default configuration. The iMac 5K with 2TB Fusion Drive is the top of the range for a price of 2.359 euros.

In the case of the MacBook Air, the price of this equipment with a basic configuration, is 999 euros . The MacBook Air is one of the most popular Apple laptops on the market thanks to its lower price within the MacBook range.

If you prefer a MacBook Pro , Yaphone offers the new models with Touch Bar for an initial price of 1,815 Euros up to 2,929 Euros for the equipment with the highest configuration. All this with the V.A.T. already included in the final price.

Currently, Yaphone does not offer financing plans , although they will soon offer that option. Even so, they offer different types of payment, either by card, cash on delivery or bank transfer. The latter must be made into a CaixaBank account.

Its tax office has been located in Barcelona, Spain for some time now. So the guarantee of the Mac is of 2 years, being able to manage them directly with the manufacturer, in this case Apple, according to the information of the company in its web page.

If, for any reason, we wish to return the product, Yaphone allows returns within 14 days . As long as the product has not been tampered with and you keep the protective plastic without having removed it.

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