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Yahoo Mail does not work on iPhone and iPad for many users

We know that in iOS and macOS we have many options to choose from as mail, ie, we are given to choose between Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and some other and the first two mentioned are the most commonly used in our day to day so Yahoo goes a bit to another plane, but this does not diminish the importance of the issue we are going to talk about today since the Yahoo Mail may have stopped working on your iPhone and iPad like many other users of this type of electronic messaging, but do not worry, the same company is already looking for a solution to this problem.

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Yahoo Mail does not work on iPhone and iPad for many users
Yahoo Mail does not work on iPhone and iPad for many users

The most shocking thing is that it seems that this type of errors and problems, in a much lower percentage than the current, began just when iOS 11 was released officially back in September so many Yahoo Mail users have been forced to move to Outlook or Gmail and leave the company without a not too high number of people, but as this goes more Yahoo has begun to notice the absence of population on its servers and are investigating, after several months without doing anything, what is the problem to find a solution.

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In short, Yahoo Mail’s popularity has dropped considerably in recent months due to a mistake that they themselves have wanted to ignore and have had to fix it now when it is affecting a considerable number of users so the ratings on Yahoo in general will also drop drastically and with good reason as they have preferred to cover up the problem rather than fix it as soon as possible so that their community can continue using their email services.

Source : 9to5Mac

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