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Yaga, el cuento folclórico de rol y los últimos rivales

From today on Apple will share every Friday the news of the week related to Apple Arcade . In a post-compilation you can find the trailers, the new entries to the platform or our recommended games, so that all users can get more out of the service.

Yaga the Roleplaying Folktale

In the last few days the apple company published on its YouTube channel a new trailer for Yaga the Roleplaying Folktale, a mobile game that arrives at Apple Arcade to be one more option for the lovers of action role-playing games . This title tells the story of Ivan, a one-armed blacksmith, who travels through snow-covered mountains, wide fields, dark swamps and cemeteries with the living dead.

Yaga, el cuento folclórico de rol y los últimos rivales
Yaga, el cuento folclórico de rol y los últimos rivales

During the game users will have many options that will allow them to decide how they interact not only with people but also with those they help, when they leave the missions, how they handle a variety of situations and, of course, what they will bring with them in order to defeat the undead, the bandits and the many creatures of the world.

Ultimate Rivals: The rink

In addition to Yagathe Roleplaying Folktale, Cupertino’s firm officially announced the arrival of ‘Ultimate Rivals: The Rink’ at Apple Arcade. In this game users will have up to 50 athletes from different sports such as hockey, basketball, football, baseball and soccer . In this first title of the franchise, it is necessary to choose two superstars to compete in ice hockey games in two-on-two matches.

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This way, players can combine, for example, Alex Ovechkin and Alex Morgan against De’Aaron Fox and Jose Altuve or Skylar Diggins-Smith and Wayne Gretzky. As many know, ‘Ultimate Rivals’ is a franchise, so the next installment that will arrive at Apple Arcade will do so in the spring of 2020. The next game will be ‘Ultimate Rivals: The Court’ and users of the platform will be able to play NBA basketball games.