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Xiaomi will open a point of sale in the U.S. very soon

Xiaomi is the star mobile phone manufacturer in recent years , due to its rapid rise in both sales and popularity, offering the market products that combine the latest hardware with very low prices compared to industry giants such as Apple or Samsung.

If there is something that differentiates Xiaomi from companies like Apple and Samsung, is that it has not yet expanded internationally , although the expansion plans are now a reality, something that has been noted, for example, with the signing of Hugo Barra , formerly of Google, and one of the people with more weight in the success of Android as an operating system.

Xiaomi will open a point of sale in the U.S. very soon
Xiaomi will open a point of sale in the U.S. very soon

One of the most important markets worldwide in terms of technology and electronic devices, is the United States , a market where very soon the establishment of the Chinese company Xiaomi, will be a reality, as we saw yesterday from the hand of Barra, at the conference held in San Francisco, the most important to date Xiaomi also in the U.S. and which clarified some aspects of the future of Xiaomi.

Hugo Barra was cautious about questions about Xiaomi’s early expansion into U.S. territory, since would compromise a number of resources that Xiaomi is not willing to face at this time . The plan would be to open some sales points and study what the first users of Xiaomi in the United States think about the brand’s terminals , listen to suggestions and be able to create a connection between the company and the customers like the one that exists in China , which in many aspects, is very similar to Apple’s connection with the users of its devices.

The conference also had its two controversial points. The first, referred to the intellectual property claims that Xiaomi has supported so far , and how similar the design is to some of Apple’s products. Hugo Barra said that this is something that they do not give much importance to, and that it is on a list along with 20 or 30 other concerns that the company has. The second one has to do with Google and with the blocking of some of its services in China , which will not happen in the Xiaomi terminals that we can acquire in other markets, where Google’s services will be fully available .

In conclusion, the arrival of Xiaomi on the US market in the medium term, means that Apple will find itself in its own home with what is expected to be its greatest enemy by the sceptre of the mobile phone market in the coming years. We will still have to see if Xiaomi’s implantation is as successful as expected, but taking into account its millionaire sales in other countries and the company’s good work , we have no doubt that it could become a high profile rival for Cupertino’s company.

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