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[WWDC’06] All set for keynote tracking

At Apple we have everything ready for the keynote follow-up this afternoon. The special page where we will comment on everything that happens in almost real time is ready, you can add it to your browser right now: https:/www.Apple.comen-vivo.html

You only have to load the page, you don’t need to reload it manually because it will update itself every minute , showing any new information. As you can see, the design is very light so that it loads faster and you don’t lose any detail. When the keynote is finished, we will publish in Apple the complete transcript of everything that happened in a blog post.

[WWDC’06] All set for keynote tracking
[WWDC’06] All set for keynote tracking

Some readers have asked us if it would be possible to access the tracking from the mobile . I have tested my mobile and the Opera Mini browser ( free ), and there is no problem. If your mobile does not have an HTML browser, you can download the Opera Mini and then point the browser to the tracking page. This ” mobile ” version of the Opera browser is also available for PDA’s and other portable devices, just in case you need it.

They also ask us if there will be a chat room or something like that. At the moment we haven’t prepared anything like that, although you can enter the iChat room called “Apple” if you want to talk to other readers of the blog. To access it, open iChat and then FileGo to Chat … When I ask you for the name of the room, you put ” Apple “. I remind you that we don’t moderate this chat or depend on us, but I’ll tell you if you want to have a point of contact with other readers.

Well, nothing, that’s all for now. The live follow up page will not be launched until 18:00 Spanish time , where we will start commenting on the atmosphere in the blogosphere, and outside it. Have fun!

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