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WWDC 2016 preparations begin in San Francisco

Apple podría anunciar Apple Pay para páginas web durante esta WWDC

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WWDC 2016 preparations begin in San Francisco
WWDC 2016 preparations begin in San Francisco


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When we see these signs is when the hype starts to get serious. Less than 48 hours before the keynote for WWDC 2016, Apple has started preparing the venues for the event with its decorations and posters. Yes, in the plural, because in addition to the Moscone Center West, this time we must also talk about the Bill Graham Civic Center auditorium.

That auditorium, which has more seats than the Moscone Center West and which is already presided over by a bitten apple poster and some Apple flags, will be where the keynote will be held the day after tomorrow while the rest of the sessions for the developers will be held as usual at the Moscone. The header image is taken from [supriyavw](WWDC 2016 preparations start in San Francisco) on Instagram.

As every year, the keynote will start at 19:00 hours (Spanish time zone) and we will cover it minute by minute in Apple. At the same time, we will publish articles with all the new features as they are confirmed.

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