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WSJ Suggests Apple Has Cut Production of iPhone 5c

The Wall Street Journal claims that Apple has reduced orders for the iPhone 5c

A few days ago we told you that, according to information published on the Internet, Apple could have reduced the production of the iPhone 5c by half due to the low demand for the colourful terminal. Today we bring you a new report that states the same thing, but this time it has been published by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal .

The famous newspaper has published that Cupertino’s company has cut back on orders for the iPhone 5c with Pegatron and Hon Hai, the two companies that assemble the terminal.

WSJ Suggests Apple Has Cut Production of iPhone 5c
WSJ Suggests Apple Has Cut Production of iPhone 5c

According to the WSJ article:

It seems that the iPhone 5c is not selling as expected. Has it been a failure?

It is absolutely clear that the star terminal for this year’s Apple is the iPhone 5s. The device sold out within hours of its launch and the lines were huge to buy the company’s new flagship. All this did not happen with the iPhone 5c. However, we are convinced that the most economical model is a bet on the future .

A cut in orders by Cupertino’s does not have to mean that the smartphone is not sold . Apple could have cut production because it simply made too many of them. Having so many colors for sale has the disadvantage that you have to have stock of all of them.

Tim Cook has already explained why the iPhone 5c is not an affordable smartphone. It’s simply because Apple doesn’t make cheap devices (exactly Cook said they don’t make junk) . Using plastic doesn’t have to mean that the product is bad and, from the looks of it, this is only noticeable once you have the terminal in your hand.

Finally, as they explain in iMore, although Apple has reduced orders for the iPhone 5c, it has increased orders for the iPhone 5s , which is very good for the company. There are many people who are still waiting to buy the iPhone 5s and that has not yet been launched in most countries.

It’s clear that the easiest thing to do and the one that sells the most is to say that the iPhone 5c has been a failure, but it doesn’t have to be that way, the iPhone 5s is simply taking over the leading role these first months and we will have to wait for the devices to reach markets where we are not used to paying for smartphones. What do you think?

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