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Write, the future in text editing on the iPhone is here


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Write, the future in text editing on the iPhone is here
Write, the future in text editing on the iPhone is here

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Some of its features, such as text editing, are crying out for renewal. Write is an application that will end up in the App Store that comes to bring a breath of fresh air to this functionality that we all use every day, loaded with new features and really interesting concepts.

One of the areas where iOS has barely evolved is in text editing. In its six versions, the only changes we have seen are the incorporation of CutPaste and the possibility of formatting text in some applications . The system of selection through a magnifying glass already exists since the first version of iOS, and it is already crying out for a revolution, one of many that we expect in the new iOS 7.

Well, to make this wait more pleasant, there is a developer who has given a radically different concept to text editing with Write, an application that has not yet been released on the App Store , but that we will be able to download very soon. Write uses our Dropbox account as a cloud sync system, and in the video that accompanies the entry we can see in detail its most important features.

The best thing is that the gestures take the lead in Write , allowing us to save the changes or delete the document if we stretch it down. We can even make use of the QuickLook functionality by holding your finger over the list of documents, quickly browsing through what each one contains.

Text editing is the most impressive thing, since we have a new bar on the keyboard -which doesn’t take up any space because we take advantage of the iPhone 5’s widescreen-, which shows shortcuts to symbols and a kind of trackpad very similar to the one on Blackberry so we can move the cursor freely over the text.

The file known as markdown is also recognized by Write, which previews it as if it were real formatted text. We even have a Mac client that allows us to exchange text between the iPhone and the Mac, saying goodbye to emails that transport text fragments.

The bad thing is that we are facing an application that is not yet available for the iPad and that is isolated, so whenever we want to resort to its features, we will have to die in Write . If we were to talk about a tweak of Cydia, it would be extended throughout the system, but this is not the case. Let’s hope Apple loves the idea and buys the rights to introduce all this avalanche of improvements in iOS.

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