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Write faster in iOS with NinType

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Write faster in iOS with NinType
Write faster in iOS with NinType

Third-party keyboards are now part of the life of iOS, even though it hasn’t been that long since Apple decided to open its hand to this topic. Now that the novelty is over, it’s time to see which keyboard best suits our needs or offers us the most interesting features. In Applesupportphonenumber we talk from time to time about the new keyboards we are discovering, and today we continue with it.

The keyboard we present to you on this occasion is NinType, which aims to be nothing less than the fastest available for iOS 8. Some applications of this type allow the use of shortcuts, others are based on gestures… NinType goes further and combines all the possibilities of a keyboard (gestures and shortcuts, of course, but it also allows slides and many other things) to offer us, or promise us, a typing speed of 100 words per minute, which is said soon.

NinType is a creation of the developer Yose Widjaja, who we met thanks to MacRumors. It’s not so much a keyboard that offers something new as one that offers everything at once. NinType is even capable of recognising gestures and two-finger swipes at the same time, which combined with shortcuts allows you to type at full speed and insert the necessary punctuation marks with little effort.

Being quite different from the default iOS keyboard, getting used to NinType and everything it allows may take some time. New users are advised to start using it as a normal keyboard and gradually slide in the words. Luckily, NinType has a comprehensive tutorial for newcomers that covers all the interesting aspects of the application, its features, etc.

Like many other iOS keyboards, NinType sometimes experiences small problems that cause it not to appear when it should, but this probably has more to do with iOS than with the application. It is indeed a bug in NinType that it sometimes freezes up or simply closes down, but the developer is working on polishing his work to the max.

If you have already tried NinType, or if you intend to do so after having read this little analysis, we encourage you to tell us your experience.

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