Would you like Apple to create more content on the web? Question of the week

As if it were a Christmas present, today we learned that Apple has created the official iTunes Tumblr, where you can find different content related to iTunes and everything that’s published there. Today we have decided to ask you a question related to this and the content that Apple publishes on the net .

In the keynote of the Apple Watch we could see how Apple mounted a whole social page where we could see content with hashtags, photos and even video of what was happening at the event. The last question of the year is related to this kind of content.

Would you like Apple to create more content on the web? Question of the week
Would you like Apple to create more content on the web? Question of the week

Seven days ago my partner Eduardo asked you if you thought the Apple Watch was hogging too many resources within Apple. There have been many interesting answers but the most valued by you has been pokolotrovo who believes that it is not a matter of resources, but of who manages them:

Apple is not a question of resources, it is a question of management of the company itself.

I don’t pretend to value Jobs’ personality (to avoid knives flying) but the Apple he managed was focused on the product. I insist that I don’t get into his method. It could be good or bad. Depending on who you ask.
Tim Cook’s apple (in my opinion and with respect because I do not take away his professional merits) is a circus of investors concerned about their financial results. And just that.

It’s something that already smells a lot. And there is no need to go alone to the Apple watch, which I admit we know little or nothing about (although the little that is there at the moment doesn’t look very good. Again my opinion).

The new direction is being set by money, and not by the eagerness to innovate characteristic of these people (which brought many benefits to the end user and the market in general).

I don’t think Jobs was the only genius at Apple. I’m sure there’s a lot of them out there working. But that genius only works when it’s focused.

But that’s just my opinion trying to see it from the outside. Who knows…

Very interesting answer, do you agree? You can still answer him in our answers section. And while you are there you can answer the question of the week through this link. We are waiting for your answers.

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