Would a Smart Cover for iPhone 5 be feasible?

Since its presentation with the iPad 2, the Smart Cover has become a must have for our tablets because it allows us to protect our screens from possible blows or rubbing, while maintaining a simple and elegant aesthetic. With the launch of the iPad mini, the famous cover was adapted to it, so many users suggested the idea of doing the same with the iPhone 5; one of them, the designer Adrien Olczak, recently presented us with his proposal. We show you what it would look like next!

Coinciding with the release of the iPhone 4 in 2010, Apple wanted to fully immerse itself in the mobile phone accessories market by giving birth to the famous bumper whose success is beyond doubt; the ability to protect the smartphone without hardly penalising its aesthetics, made it a real bestseller.

Would a Smart Cover for iPhone 5 be feasible?
Would a Smart Cover for iPhone 5 be feasible?

It recently came as a surprise when Cupertino stated that they wouldn’t make them for the iPhone 5 because their unibody body would prevent the phone’s edges from being as exposed as in its predecessors and therefore, they wouldn’t be necessary. However, users who are more concerned about the integrity of their phone will always have the option of using a third party if they want to avoid carrying it around naked.

With the iPad 2, Apple tried to find a similar solution to dress up the largest of the iDevices by introducing the Smart Cover, a magnetic cover that also allowed us to place our tablet in three different positions. Such was its welcome that the two subsequent generations and the iPad mini inherited it.

Precisely because of the creation of a Smart Cover adapted to the 7.9 inches of the latter, the following question began to ring loudly in the network: Why not a Smart Cover for the iPhone 5? This is an idea that’s even less interesting, especially considering that clones already existed for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Thanks to designer Adrien Olczak’s concern, we can now see what it would look like on Apple’s flagship; it’s a very interesting concept, but it wouldn’t be bad if someone took good note of it. Obviously, the absence of magnets on the iPhone would have to be solved, but perhaps its metal body could help make it a reality.

From California they have not pronounced on the matter so it is neither there nor expected, but there will always be the option of another manufacturer picking up the baton. Personally, and although I consider myself an avowed fan of Smart Cover, in the daily use of a phone I would feel somewhat uncomfortable.

And you, what do you think of the idea? , would you consider buying it?

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