Working at Apple: How to Apply and Requirements

If you’re an Apple lover, you’ve probably thought about working in a company store or even in the Apple Park more than once. And the truth is that it is possible, thanks to all the job offers that are available within Apple. In this article we tell you how you can access a job offer and all the departments available.

Before looking for a job at the company, we should keep in mind that Apple is open to any kind of problem. What you want is to have a multicultural workforce regardless of personal beliefs, gender or speech. In the end, Apple aims to have a large family that contributes to Apple’s development, and one of the prerequisites is to be open to learning and to be passionate about its products.

How to Apply for an Apple Job

Working at Apple: How to Apply and Requirements
Working at Apple: How to Apply and Requirements

Apple is a company that is extremely well organized and divided into departments. If you’re not sure if you can fit into a particular department, we’ll break down the different work groups in the article. But if you are clear about your ideal job, you can simply use the search engine included in the ‘Work at Apple’ website.

Once we have entered this website, we will see in the upper right corner a section that says ‘Search’. Clicking on this opens a window where we’ll see different offers available but very unordered. The website enables a keyword search engine, but also some filters on the left side to choose for example the country. Once we have done this search, we can access the offer that interests us most and consult all the requirements and the summary of functions. Here we will see for example the c ualifications, the description, the required training and certain additional requirements. Several of these requirements are interesting because it is to be passionate about Apple products, the time flexibility and even the ease of speaking English. It is inconceivable to enter an American company such as Apple without a knowledge of this language.

Go to ‘Work at Apple

Once we have read the information we can send our resume . It’s simple, as everything will be associated with your Apple ID something that will allow you to check the status of your selection at a later date. If this is the first Apple job you apply to, you should know that you will be asked typical training and experience questions.

But as we have said, if you want to see specific offers from specific departments, below we will detail everything that is known about them.

Apple Retail

One of the most eye-catching jobs in facing the public and one we all know is that of being an employee of an Apple Store or authorized shop. They are responsible for showing and telling the secrets of a new product to a new user, or giving technical support to someone with problems. That’s why the training of these people who are facing the public is tremendously important and is where there is more work. Apple Retail is divided into: sales, support and leadership.


As we have said previously, employees at an Apple Store are responsible for introducing a new product to the customer and this makes for very good training. It is true that the attention received in an Apple store is quite good and this is the result of proper training and a great selection of staff.

Available positions in sales


If we’re not going to buy a product from an Apple Retail Store, we’re probably going to answer some questions about exporting a photo to a Mac. The Specialists or Genius at an Apple Retail Store will be happy to explain this simple task to you. You can also contact them if you have a technical problem and the support staff will be happy to help you.

Available positions in assistance


If you were born to lead, this is definitely your task force. Among the functions of a leadership team is that of directing the employees of a store and ensuring that everything goes smoothly for the customer. But it doesn’t stop there, because you also have to maintain relationships with the companies around you.

Job offers in Leadership

Apple Pro Branches

Artificial Intelligence

Apple is making a breakthrough in this area, and obviously a team is needed behind the scenes to implement artificial intelligence. This is a technology that we see in all Apple products, from an iPhone to a HomePod. Right now we’re looking for a lot of people to do pioneering research in this area, so if you have the knowledge and the creativity this is your site. The available workgroups are:

  • Machine learning infrastructure.
  • Deep learning and learning by reinforcement.
  • Natural language processing and speech technologies
  • Artificial vision.
  • Applied research.

Offers in Artificial Intelligence


One of the main branches that Apple has without a doubt is hardware, as it has managed to make authentic works of art. For example, it took over 800 people to make the triple camera on iPhone 11 Pro, and any one of us can be part of that team. But obviously the field of engineering is extremely wide so there are some variants in the organization of the company, which are the following:

  • Acoustic technologies.
  • Analog and digital design.
  • Architecture.
  • Battery engineering.
  • Camera technologies.
  • Screen technologies.
  • Engineering project management.
  • Environmental technologies
  • Health technologies.
  • Automatic learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Process engineering.
  • Reliability engineering.
  • Sensor technology.
  • Silicon technology.
  • System design and test engineering.
  • Wireless hardware.

Making an iPhone from scratch is not easy at all, as we can see throughout this list. Each of these working groups is dedicated to work very intensively on a section of the hardware that will have the new iPhone or any other device. Obviously the requirements to enter into these groups is to have the proper training as an engineer. If any of the branches has attracted your attention, on the Apple website there is a dedicated section where each of the sections is explained as well as the corresponding link to the vacancies of each group.

Jobs at Apple Hardware

Software and Services

Designing the operating system of any computer is not easy at all. It must be totally accessible to any user and be designed for extremely different profiles. This fine work that is done is achieved by a division within the department into the following working groups.

  • Apps and environments.
  • Cloud and infrastructure.
  • Main operating systems.
  • DevOps and website reliability.
  • Engineering project management.
  • Information technology and systems (IS&T).
  • Automatic learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Security and privacy.
  • Tools, automation and software quality.
  • Wireless Software

As you can see, these groups are very suitable for developers and it is logical since we are talking about the operating system. But the truth is that this is not a nice interface and that’s it, because behind it there are people who work in security , in automation or in the company’s native applications and who are included in the teams.

Software and services job offers


You can have very good hardware or good software, but without a doubt what comes through the eyes of the customers is the design. Apple is recently opting for simple lines and it is certainly a real hit. If your passion is design, you can opt for this branch in one of the following groups:

  • Industrial design.
  • Human interface design.
  • Communications design.

One thing we should be clear about is that we should not only focus on the design of an iPhone with its camera. Here they go much further by analyzing the user’s grip so that when they tap the screen it is the same regardless of the position.

Design job offers

Supply chain

Manufacturing new equipment is key in any company as many failures can occur that end up clouding the customer’s final experience. In view of this, Apple has created a supply chain that we might think is extremely simple, but in reality it has numerous work groups to keep every critical aspect under control to the millimetre. Among these groups, it stands out:

  • Business analysis and intelligence.
  • Business process management.
  • Demand and supply management and preparation for launches
  • Management of reail and e-commerce orders
  • Logistics and supply chain.
  • Planning and sales operations.
  • Acquisition.
  • Manufacturing and operations engineering.
  • Quality engineering.
  • Suppliers’ responsibility.
  • Program management.

Supply chain jobs


Marketing managers must be able to work with both the engineers and the designers. It is important to be able to prepare a campaign at the level of promoting all the new products that the brand will release. This is also where the whole field of public relations with both the media and other brands comes in. The Marketing working groups are as follows:

  • Marketing of services.
  • Product marketing.
  • Marketing communications.
  • Corporate communication.

No doubt if you are a lover of marketing or communication the job offers in this department are designed for you.

Marketing Jobs


Apple, like any other company, must have a consolidated structure to manage its economy, any legal claims it may make and even the rental or purchase of space. We can say that this is a department much more similar to any company regardless of its commercial objective. The main groups of Corporate are:

  • Information technology and systems.
  • Finance.
  • Legal department.
  • Human resources.
  • Training and development.
  • Global security.
  • Information security.
  • Environment.
  • Policy and institutional issues.
  • Real estate.
  • Restoration.
  • Administration.

Corporate Job Offers


Although one of Apple’s main pillars is the ordinary user, companies also play a key role. We all imagine an office full of computers, but… what kind of computer? From this department, the idea is to discuss with companies to implement the ecosystem in the offices to enhance creativity and productivity. Within Sales, we have the following groups:

  • Business development.
  • Account management.
  • Advantages at the Apple Store.
  • Sales at partner stores.
  • Planning and sales operations.
  • Field and solutions engineering.

Job offers in sales

Work for students

At Apple they have a section especially dedicated to those people who are studying, and are looking to do an external internship. In the company you will have the opportunity to observe how work is done within Apple as well as set the course for the future at Apple’s campus where the strategic project is established. The student himself can choose whether to do a summer internship or combine it with the course. The only requirement we find is to be enrolled in a university centre or to study for the degree.

Consult Apple’s practical program

But in addition to working in the bowels of the company and on Apple’s campuses, the stores are also open to students who want to try out a new experience. The Apple stores and official distributors offer part-time and full-time positions in order to complete your training. This way you can test yourself in front of real customers and also when interacting with other colleagues.

Consult Apple Store Stalls

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