Workflow 1.5 for iOS, these are the new features of the most versatile app in the App Store

In recent years, Workflow has become one of the most powerful tools in the App Store . This application allows us to automate tasks that we perform repeatedly on the iPhone or iPad. Thanks to the infinite possibilities it offers when combining actions, it is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to squeeze their iPhone or iPad.

In previous updates we have seen how Workflow included a widget for the notification center, an application for the Apple Watch or Workflow Sync, which allows us to synchronize preferences between devices. As of this weekend, Workflow 1.5 is available, and offers us another way to compose workflows, new actions and numerous small novelties .

What does Workflow 1.5 include?

Workflow Composer

Workflow 1.5 for iOS, these are the new features of the most versatile app in the App Store
Workflow 1.5 for iOS, these are the new features of the most versatile app in the App Store

This is the interface where we compose new worklows or workflows. In the new version it has been greatly improved thanks to the use of ComponentKit that drastically improves the speed and power of the work engine. The good thing about this is that it not only improves the speed when opening or creating workflows, but also when running them.

ComponentKit dramatically improves the speed of creating and running workflows

On the other hand, the gestures for dragging actions and composing flows have been improved . It’s hard to explain this, but the feeling is that it all works much better and simplifies the process of creating a new workflow from scratch. Even more so if you have an iPad Pro, or generally an external keyboard, as you can use keyboard shortcuts:

  • ?R to run a workflow
  • ?. to stop a workflow
  • ?F to search for an action
  • ?Z undo
  • ??Z redo
  • ?W close workflow

22 new shares

For me this is the best news of all, new actions available. Basically now Workflow is integrated with more services and parts of the operating system, in total 22 new actions that multiply the possibilities of the application. The new integrations are:

  • More integration with Apple Music
  • Search the App Store or iTunes Store
  • Integration with Trello
  • Shares in Ulysses
  • Synchronization between TaskPaper and OmniFocus

So, now you can create for example a workflow that creates a table in Ulysses with the items in the clipboard. Like everything around Workflow, it’s a matter of trying it out and creating the utilities that best suit your needs .

Searching for workflows

This is a small or large utility, depending on the workflows you have installed. Basically allows us to search through a search field for any workflow we have created . It is more useful depending on the number of items in the list. In my case I’m usually pretty tidy and I delete everything I don’t use, but I know people who have more than 100 workflows installed, modifying one of those 100 is not easy.

These are novelties that multiply the possibilities offered by the tool to automate actions
Workflows, automatizando acciones en iOS de forma sencillaMás información
Overall, version 1.5 of Workflow is a huge upgrade because of the amount of improvements it brings . There is impressive work behind this application to offer such versatility. The new actions allow you to automate the device much more and Workflow Composer almost encourages you to create the workflows yourself instead of searching for them.

However, it is a free upgrade if you already have Workflow. If not, you can buy it in the App Store for 2.99 euros. It currently has a 40% discount , so it’s one of the best investments you’ll make in the App Store.

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