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Word y PowerPoint pueden soportar una vista dividida

A few hours ago the Redmond giant released an update for Word, Excel and PowerPoint in its iPad version. These new versions, despite announcing only “bug fixes” bring an interesting new feature: support for split view . This update comes a few days after the support for mouse and trackpad, another interesting novelty.

With this update we can use Microsoft’s apps in Split View mode, where we see the screen divided into two apps simultaneously, or Slide Over, where we can momentarily slide another app over the one we are using .

Word y PowerPoint pueden soportar una vista divididaWord y PowerPoint pueden soportar una vista dividida

Besides being able to use this system to work in two apps at the same time, we can also use it to view and edit two documents at the same time. With this new update we can open the same Word or PowerPoint app several times. Excel, at least for now, although it is compatible with Split View, does not allow us to open the app twice, so we cannot work with two spreadsheets at the same time , although we can work with a Word and an Excel or with an Excel and a PowerPoint.

The increase in productivity is certainly more than noticeable, especially when we have to work on two documents by copying and pasting between them. We go from having to open and close documents continuously to simply dragging and dropping from one document to another of the ones we have on screen.

AppleOffice for iPad will have mouse and trackpad support before the fall

Gradually, and thanks to updates like today’s, the iPad is increasingly bringing out its capabilities as a professional tool. We expect Microsoft to update Excel sooner rather than later so that, like the rest of the suite, we can work on several documents simultaneously. Remember that just a few days ago the suite was updated to support mice and trackpads.