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Woman arrested for smuggling 102 iPhone’s into her body

News of drug smuggling is usually more or less common in the press. The arrest of smugglers carrying cocaine and other drugs is usually the most common type of news.

Less common is knowledge of smuggled electronic devices, but this does not mean that they do not exist or have not been discussed before. Precisely today we know that a woman has been arrested in China for carrying 102 iPhone’s attached to her body. We tell you the news.

Suspicious movements alerted authorities

Woman arrested for smuggling 102 iPhone’s into her body
Woman arrested for smuggling 102 iPhone’s into her body

A woman has been arrested in Shenzhen by the Chinese authorities, while trying to smuggle 1 02 iPhone from Hong Kong. These Apple devices had been attached to her body using a large amount of duct tape.

I don’t know for sure how the woman was suspected of carrying such a number of devices. According to sources close to the authorities, they observed suspicious behaviour and movements in the detainee . In addition to suspecting that the fact that she was wearing more clothes than usual for these dates could mean that she was wearing something hidden behind her four layers of clothes.

It is common to see smugglers carrying iPhone in their bodies

The truth is that we are not shocked that the woman was uncomfortable, and if sometimes it bothers us to carry in our pockets a single device imagine how it should be carrying 102 and even glued to the body. Fortunately, they would be turned off because if that thing came to sound and vibrate it could even have been harmful to the already arrested smuggler.

According to Apple Insider sources, the woman was not only wearing the iPhone but was also wearing 15 luxury watches. The items were sealed in plastic and weighed about 20 kg in total.

Considering that most of the models were iPhone 7 Plus and that they were around 1,000 euros, the police estimated that the woman was carrying almost 100,000 euros spread over her body. If she had declared these goods at customs and paid the corresponding taxes, none of this would have happened. The woman faces a fine and perhaps even a prison sentence for smuggling.

Other cases of iPhone smuggling

The news, as well as the headlines it generates, may shock but it must be said that this is not the first time such an event has occurred. In fact, the record for smuggling an iPhone does not lie in this woman’s 102. In 2015, a man had already been arrested when he tried to pass with 146 iPhone . A lower but equally alarming figure is that of another smuggler who failed to avoid arrest by carrying 94 phones with him.

Hong Kong, is a former colony of the United Kingdom, but even today it still maintains quite a few differences with the rest of China . On the technology side, the price of the iPhone is up to 30% lower than in the rest of China . The reason why the price of the devices is soaring in the rest of the country is none other than the addition of taxes and levies.

With all this, there has been an increase in technology product smuggling and there is a serious trend of smuggling these phones from Hong Kong. Smugglers buy the devices there in large quantities and try to smuggle them to China in disguise in order to sell them , illegally, at an intermediate price and make a large profit. Sometimes, like this woman’s, the dream of these smugglers is shattered by the relevant authorities.

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