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Withings, Wi-Fi scale for iPhone users


This is what happens with Withings , a scale with an impeccable design and features? Call me old-fashioned but I can’t help but be surprised that we “need” a scale with a Wi-Fi connection.

Withings, Wi-Fi scale for iPhone users
Withings, Wi-Fi scale for iPhone users

Yes, Withings connects to the Internet to upload our weight, fat index and body mass index data to a server, allowing us to keep track of those extra pounds by connecting from any computer (PC or Mac). Of course, it even has its own application for iPhone and iPod touch : WiScale, the ultimate system for tracking weight curves and making diets and sports activities fit for the 21st century.

Anyway, our colleagues in the Buying department are much more involved in these issues than we are, so we will listen to them when they say that it is an interesting product. It costs 129 euros of nothing and allows to manage up to 8 users, being able to recognize automatically each one of them.

WiScale on the iPhone

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