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With this mind-blowing flying cover the selfies will be a thing of the past

Crean una funda con airbag para que tu iPhone sobreviva a las caídas

De momento, tendríamos que esperar a ver si hay alguna compañía que se atreve a comercializar algo así al alcance de todos, con un diseño capaz de ocultar las helices a ser posible, ya que parece que se trata de un mero prototipo fabricado de forma casera. Eso sí, lo que está claro es que nunca ha habido un modo avión más literal que este, o mejor dicho, un modo helicóptero.

With this mind-blowing flying cover the selfies will be a thing of the past
With this mind-blowing flying cover the selfies will be a thing of the past

Selfies already dominate many people’s lives, we have reached the point that if we don’t have one in every place we go, we simply haven’t gone. It seems that we are forced to build some kind of collective photographic memory on the web, even if only we look at those images. But many times, we realize that we focus too much on ourselves , instead of on what we really want to remember.

The problem is, it is not so easy to achieve a photograph in which we can blend in perfectly with the environment, especially if we don’t have any help. In the end, only we can take the picture we want exactly , and no matter how hard we try, it’s very difficult for someone else to get close to our idea. But with the invention we’re going to show you, you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

In the past, we have seen how more advanced sensors, lenses capable of capturing a wider field of view, or even drones have been used solely to solve the problem posed above. However, it has not been until now that we have been able to see what could well be the definitive solution: a flying cover. As you read it, a case capable of keeping the phone in the air with the necessary stability to capture a good snapshot.

Something like that, combined with some kind of remote viewer , like the Apple Watch, could well help us get the perfect photo anytime, anywhere. The only problem is that although the resistance of the phones has been improved, with accessories that allow to submerge them in the sea, it does not seem a good idea to use this type of invention, which could well get out of control and leave our phone quite affected.

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