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With this HDMI, you’ll see your MacBook better than ever

Lately there have been rumours that Apple’s future mobile device – the presumably iPhone 7, which will be officially launched on the 7th of this month just started – might appear without one of the most widely used connectors for all users, the 3.5 mm jack for listening to audio. The possibility of new wireless Earpods being released on the same day as the launch of the new generation iPhone has further fuelled suspicions.

Apple seems to be trying to get rid of anything that requires the use of cables , taking advantage of technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, or grouping all connections into a single port. Sound familiar? Yes, we’ve seen it before with the advent of MacBook. As you know, this notebook has only one connection, which is USB Type-C.

With this HDMI, you’ll see your MacBook better than ever
With this HDMI, you’ll see your MacBook better than ever

This increasingly used connection between different devices – we can now find several terminals in addition to MacBook, such as the new Android devices – stands out for its versatility. It loads the device, which is valid for data, which transmits audio and video, or it does everything at once. The same Californian company is responsible for highlighting the great properties of this connection on its website .

This connection is really effective. However, those users who want to display their content on an external monitor or television may feel otherwise . This is because at present – as they do not have the classic Thunderball connection – they only have one option to achieve their purpose in a decent way, and it is thanks to the Multiport Adapter that Apple sells for 79 euros. A somewhat excessive price if the maximum it offers is to display content in 4K at 30Hz.

As MacRumors advances, the group licensed behind the HDMI interface, have proposed the development of an alternative cable that would be a USB Type-C cable on one end and an HDMI cable on the other, avoiding the use of any other adapter .

This alternative cable, besides being more economical, would be equipped with important features such as 4K at 60Hz, Audio Return Channel (ARC), 3D, HDMI Ethernet Channel and Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) – the latter option, for those who do not know, allows any device to be controlled from a single remote control thanks to the bidirectional connection it offers. For example, from your TV remote, you can control your home cinema equipment, your blu-ray player or even your Raspberry Pi-.

Soon we will know more about the availability of this great accessory known commercially as HDMI Alt Mode for Type-C that is not only valid for the MacBook, also for the different mobile devices and tablets that have as main connection the USB Type-C .

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