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With this app for WhatsApp you can do an amazing thing

There is no doubt that the WhatsApp messaging application is the star of mobile communications. It is undoubtedly the most widely used application and has over 1.2 billion users today. But if you want to complete this app, be sure to read our article because we will present one that will leave you with your mouth open .

The application is called Audio to Text for WhatsApp and it does one very useful thing. It transcribes the audio messages you receive directly into text. Amazing, isn’t it? This option may seem silly, but it’s not. It’s very useful in situations where opening the audio can be annoying , it comes to mind a library or a hospital .

With this app for WhatsApp you can do an amazing thing
With this app for WhatsApp you can do an amazing thing

To do this, what we must do is download the application from the App Store, we provide the download button below all. Once installed, all you have to do is set up the language you want it to translate into . And that’s it.

Let’s give a practical example of how it works. If you receive a voice message, you have to press on it and you will get 3 options: “reply, forward and delete”. Click on forward and click on the little zul square with the arrow that appears at the bottom. You will get a pop-up menu with several options, click on the “Audio to Text” icon and you will immediately see the transcribed message.

It seems incredible but it really works, we have tried it with different tones of voice, vocalizations, and even with children and the success rate has been very high. The application is free , although it has some advertising that is not very invasive and for how useful the application is, these ads are perfectly tolerated.

The application works not only with WhatsApp, but also with others such as Telegram or Line. More complete and integrated can not be, and above all free .

You know, now those audios that you would love to hear immediately and can’t because you’re in the wrong place, can be translated into text immediately . If you liked it, don’t forget to read our articles specially thought for you, we are waiting for you!