With Peel you’ll soon be the king of remote controls at home

Technology can evolve for years, but there will always be some remote control that seems anchored in the past . The problem with them is that manufacturers never take much interest in them because their mission is quite limited. Building a “smart” remote control that goes beyond the registered capabilities would make the final product more expensive.

Another problem is the diversity of all of them . Those of you who have several devices in your home, such as televisions, Blu-ray players, stereos, and so on, will have an amalgam of controls that sometimes make them not only difficult to find, but also difficult to use, because they do not provide more value than just pressing buttons.

With Peel you’ll soon be the king of remote controls at home
With Peel you’ll soon be the king of remote controls at home

The market has seen smartphone alternatives like the Logitech Harmony, but they haven’t managed to hold onto the public because we all carry the perfect smartphone in our pockets: our mobile phone. What if our iPhone ( or even iPad ) became every remote in the house, and it also provided us with personalized content, programming and alerts? With this premise, Peel Pronto was born, which we are going to review today.

Peel Pronto, the remote control concentrator

The device is a small cylinder about 9.1 cm high and quite discreet. It has Bluetooth Smart connectivity ( a more energy-efficient, low-power connection ) that connects to iOS and Infrared connection in all directions, to link to TVs, players etc.. This makes the four AA alkaline batteries that power this small station last ( theoretically ) up to one year.

Peel Pronto is a remote control concentrator : the system has the infrared frequencies of the vast majority of brands on the market and their devices, and links up with the iOS devices we want, for example the iPhone ( can be several at once, even several iPhones or iPads ). This way, from the phone or tablet we can use the application and its features that connected to Pronto also allows us to control several devices.

Having all the controls on our iOS device along with the custom recommendations is very interesting

What is the great purpose of this system? On the one hand, the convenience of having in our pocket the large number of remote controls we have at home. Instead of having to search through the living room sofa for each device, we only have to launch the application and choose the one we want to control. The concentrator should be in the same room as all of them, but it doesn’t need to be in plain sight, since by design the infrared connection is omnidirectional . The package even has an infrared extension that can be connected to the base to hide the main unit, if we want it to be even more discreet.

Beyond simple device control

Peel Pronto

The aim of an intelligent system such as the one proposed by Peel Pronto is to combine remote controls with our personal tastes : the application, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store for either iPhone or iPad, will show us depending on the geographical area where we live the current programming. The information will be displayed as a mosaic of the programs on air, fully customizable: we can differentiate between the most selected programs, TV shows, movies and sports. It is also possible to choose channels, genres and favourite shows, the idea is to get our own personalised programming here.

The application will learn from our tastes to recommend programs on which we can set up alerts

Within each of them, we can configure alerts : if we want to avoid missing a particular one, we can select it to warn us in advance. Once in front of the TV, we will even use this interface with a useful “Watch on TV” button, to switch to that station without going through the virtual remote control. The aim of all this is to make the application learn from us as we use it , and to make it easier to follow what we’re interested in on TV ( as well as the ease of controlling almost any image and sound device from the phone or tablet ).

Another great new feature in the launch of the system is that the iOS application also has support for the Apple Watch: a very interesting feature because it provides that extra degree of ease of use (and perhaps a little bite of the future), by controlling all the devices from our wrist.

Control your TV and almost any entertainment device with the Apple Watch? You got it.

The manufacturer says that with Peel Pronto you can control more than 3000 entertainment devices , and also has a social part by being able to show us which are the most popular programs being talked about on Twitter. The device is a great idea to watch TV in a more personalized, intelligent and practical way, with the convenience of having everything in our pocket to control also, any other device.

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