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We close the chapter dedicated to the App Store with two features that not everyone gets the benefit they deserve mainly because they don’t know or remember that they are there. I am referring to the Wish List and the Share option , a button present in almost all the apps included in iOS and that is also present in many others.

Wish list and Share button
Wish list and Share button

We will use the App Store as an example to continue for the time being on familiar terrain, but as I say, Safari, Photos, Maps, Notes … all of them and many more offer the option to share their contents through different formulas more or less interesting according to the occasion.

In the specific case of the App Store you will find the share button (a square with an upward arrow) next to the wish list button (the icon with three lines representing a list) in the top right corner whenever you are in an app. Click on it to display the following menu with options divided into three groups:

  • AirDrop. This will be the subject of the next chapter of our guide, but we’d like to point out that it’s a system that works through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to share something without the need for the Internet directly with the people around us (as long as they use compatible iOS devices).
  • Social networks and other media. To share as a message or email with someone in particular, or directly to everyone on our Twitter or Facebook profile. These last two options are great for sharing links or posting photos on these social networks as we’ll see later when we get to Safari or Photos.
  • Additional options for this item. The third and last row usually varies quite a bit from one app to another but all its options are always quite self-explanatory. In the App Store the options we have at our disposal are “Add to Wish List”, “Gift” to buy the app but not for us but for someone else and “Copy link” to be able to paste it later wherever we want.

Tip: Use the Wish List to remind yourself of an app you might want to buy later by adding it to your Share menu option. You can then easily refer to the list to buy it when you make up your mind, or better yet, find out that one of them is on sale or has even become free for a limited time.

I end up with three screenshots from the Share menu in three different applications (from left to right): Safari, Notes and Maps. In the first one the third row includes the options to add the current web to our bookmarks , add it to the reading list to finish reading it later, create an icon on the home screen, etc… In Notes we only have two options: Copy and Print wirelessly . While Maps allows us to add a placeholder to our favorites (in addition to the common options for sharing it by message, mail, etc…). All very useful, accessible and organized.

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