wireless headphones for sports within reach

The future of headphones is wireless. In a few years we will look back at those models tied to a terminal and think, “like we are cavemen” . For those who are not demanding in sound, going back to a wired headset is a step backwards.

Despite this, there are still many years to go to paradise (or hell, depending on your point of view) without wires. Or so they say. Well, that future can be much closer than we think and it will be thanks to headphones like the IFROGZ Summit Wireless . Lightweight, wireless but with a cable between each headset, compact and, above all, within reach of anyone.

Summit Wireless Headset: Technical Specifications

  • Headset type: in-ear.
  • Resistance: sweat, IPX-2 certification.
  • Connections: bluetooth not determined, micro-USB.
  • Battery: 5 hours use and 5 hours standby on a single charge
  • Integrated microphone: yes, with Siri support.
  • Package contents: headphones, micro-USB charging cable, three pairs of earplugs and flippers.
  • Colour: black and maroon.
  • Price: 34.99 euros in Zagg.

Wireless with a hub

wireless headphones for sports within reach
wireless headphones for sports within reach

Without a doubt, the most striking feature of the IFROGZ Summit Wireless headset is its hub. As its name suggests, is a kind of hub . This is where all the headphone circuitry is located, leaving the headphones rather hollow.

This hub combines a micro-USB connector for recharging the battery, an LED indicator for status, three buttons and a magnetic clamp. All of this is sealed in a rubber casing that prevents sweat from entering while you play sports. The hub is also connected to the two cables that connect each earpiece, so it is not a totally wireless product.

Summit Wireless has a clip to attach the hub to an item of clothing

The “fun” of Summit Wireless is that we can put them on the clothes we wear. The collar of a T-shirt, sweater or buttonhole of a shirt are the places where they fit best. The clip ensures that everything is secured and in my tests has not moved from its place. However, we can’t place it too far from our ears as the cable is only 35cm long.

The hub has three buttons whose main functions are to change the volume, pause, skip song and invoke Siri. The shape they have is easy to tell apart by touch , but it’s likely that every time you place the clip the angle will be different and you’ll fail to touch the right button. So the first few days you will have to get used to them to get it right.

Sound, comfort and bluetooth connectivity

IFROGZ Summit Wireless has an acceptable sound. In fact, it’s better than I expected given the price range in which they move. They won’t win any awards for the most faithful sound, but they more than meet the demands of sport. If you also have an Apple Watch, you can leave your iPhone at home to go for a run.

Summit Wireless de IFROGZ, 34,99 euros.

El equipo ha sido cedido para la prueba por parte de Zagg. Puedes consultar nuestra política de relaciones con empresas aquí.

This is probably because they are in-ear headphones that almost completely seal off the outside sound . Something that gives a certain boost to the bass. However, if we are into outdoor sports and going to places with traffic, some athletes will see this as a negative thing. Many prefer to be able to enjoy their music without isolating themselves too much from the outside for safety’s sake, because they want to know what’s going on around them.

The materials are not of the best quality, but they hold up and do their job

The headphones themselves are very comfortable . I had never tried one with these characteristic fins and thought they would be uncomfortable. In my case, I prefer this system to keep the headset in place, rather than the ones that “hug” the ear on the outside. I find it more comfortable for long sessions. The downside to the comfort of the Summit Wireless is that if you wear a baggy shirt, the hub will bounce when you run.

As for connectivity, the manufacturer does not specify the bluetooth version of the headset. The battery life (in line with what Zagg said) and the general experience lead me to believe that it is bluetooth 3.0 or an older version. The truth is that, as with other headsets we have tested, the connectivity is much more reliable with devices with the latest version of bluetooth . It gives problems of severe sound dropouts on devices with older technology even at close range.

The IFROGZ Wireless Summits are a good bet if you are taking the first step into a world of wireless sound. Their price is quite attractive and gives us more than we expect in return. Although they are designed for sports, I can imagine their usefulness while working in the office or simply at home on the go. Not worrying about cables coming between you and your device is a big advantage.

In Zagg

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