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Wireless charging of the iPhone is not recommended according to this study

There’s always been a big debate: whether to charge iPhone wirelessly or to charge it the traditional way by connecting it with a cable. This controversy was brought back to the table with a study collected by Phone Arena conducted by the American Chemical Society (ACS) in which it is recommended not to wirelessly charge the iPhone or any compatible mobile phone if we want to extend the battery life.

This report contains the idea that a high temperature can seriously affect the life of the battery and above all the temperature variations that induction chargers can offer. That is to say, if the battery is exposed to a higher temperature we will see that the life of our battery will be reduced considerably in most cases and that is why we should always look for a load at a stable temperature.

Wireless charging of the iPhone is not recommended according to this studyWireless charging of the iPhone is not recommended according to this study

In the graph below, extracted from this study, we can see that the ideal temperature to achieve the highest number of load cycles is between 15 and 40 degrees.

The researchers wanted to conduct the tests by comparing various charging methods with both the usual charging cable and a wireless charging base where the phone was in line and another where it was not in line.

With the usual charging cable, the mobile phone did not exceed 27 degrees , maintaining a fairly stable temperature. In the case of the charging base with the device aligned, it was found that it reached a temperature of 30.5 degrees although it began to drop as the charging was completed. When the device was not aligned to the coils, a maximum temperature similar to the previous case was observed but it was reached earlier than when the device was aligned and it lasted longer.

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Based on these data, researchers recommend charging your phone whenever possible using the traditional cable. But if you are still determined to use the wireless charging base, you should do so whenever you are in a room with a not very high temperature, without a case and while you are not carrying out any operation with it. That is, if you are making a video call, or watching a movie or playing a game it is better not to charge it wirelessly because the temperature will rise excessively and will affect the health of the battery.

This certainly fuels the debate on how to charge the mobile device. In our experience, charging an iPhone wirelessly is not the worst thing you can do, but obviously if you are not using it or performing tasks that can generate even more heat.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this study, how do you load the iPhone in your day to day?