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Winclone, backup your Boot Camp partition


But for the Boot Camp partition the thing, despite not being very complicated, becomes more tedious due in part to our lack of attention and above all not wanting to have to do them from Windows. To make things easier, let’s see how to make a backup that will help us recover in case of a disaster, replace our Mac’s hard drive or simply for when we want to restore that Windows installation.

Winclone, backup your Boot Camp partitionWinclone, backup your Boot Camp partition

To do this we will use Winclone . A small application with which we can create a backup and restore a Boot Camp partition with the previously made copy.

Let’s take it one step at a time. The first thing is to download Winclone and once you’re ready to run it. For the operation of Winclone is essential to have installed NTFSProgs , UNIX libraries that allow working with partitions using the NTFS format.

As soon as we open Winclone, it will offer us to download NTFSProgs if we don’t have it installed or to update it if we should. Now, once everything is correct within the Winclone window, we will have two tabs: one to create a backup and the second one to restore.

In the first tab we’ll be able to select the partition we want to back up, decide the location where it will be saved and add a small description in case we have more copies made by Winclone.

Then we hit the Image button and the process will start automatically, after entering our administrator password. The process, for the creation of a copy of about 25GB took me about 12 minutes, time that can vary depending on the processor as well as the size of the copy.

Once the copy has been made, we can obviously use it to restore when the installation of Windows is no longer so fine; to avoid reinstallation if we change our computer’s hard disk or if we want to install it on another Mac.

For the latter case, we only have to run the wizard and create the Boot Camp partition with the size we want. Then, we skip the option to start the installation. We install Winclone and repeat the previous steps for the restoration. In a few minutes we will have our Windows installation ready quickly.

But if it’s a different Mac, don’t forget to install the right drivers. Which you can do with your Mac OS X disk.

And for those of you who don’t remember how to do the same but with the Mac OS X partition I leave you with a link to an article by our colleague Samuel: Apple answers: How to restore your entire Mac with a copy of Time Machine

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