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Will we see some smart Apple glasses on the market?

As we are currently seeing, it seems that the consumer electronics market is opening up a new front, that of wearable devices , which each company is trying to win by bringing to market products ranging from smart bracelets , which help us count steps, calories, improve our sleep, etc; to watches , the eastern market of watches which is expecting this 2015 a more than important event, the arrival of the Apple Watch, the first device of this type brought to us by Apple.

As we were saying, perhaps the intelligent watches and bracelets are without doubt the maximum exponents of this market for now , although it must be said that other types of devices are also being developed that could fall into this category but that attract even more attention, the intelligent glasses .

Will we see some smart Apple glasses on the market?Will we see some smart Apple glasses on the market?

Although it seems that Google, is still not clear what to do with their smart glasses at both the development and marketing level, both Facebook with the acquisition of Oculus VR and Microsoft, which a few weeks ago presented the HoloLens, it seems that have taken a step forward in the development of such devices .

Where does Apple stand on smart glasses? It is difficult to think that Cupertino’s boys have been caught off guard when it comes to the development of such a device, and some voices already point out that they could have developed a prototype , of which there is still no news or information, due to the fact that they would be waiting for Google’s final decision on their Google Glass, or to determine the market possibilities that Apple’s alleged smart glasses would have .

Be that as it may, would Apple smart glasses succeed? We try to answer this question in the following lines.

Apple does not take the initiative, but taking the initiative or not has not conditioned its success

Apple’s secret does not seem to lie in taking the initiative by bringing to market products that no one has brought to market before, nor in getting ahead of its competitors in this respect. Neither the iPod, nor the iPad nor the iPhone were the first devices on the market in their categories, but they have managed to be the most successful thanks to something that Apple has demonstrated, which is that it knows how to connect with what the user demands . The same can be said about the Apple Watch, which comes out after most companies already have a smart watch on the market and that according to some forecasts, will be the smartwatch best seller in history .

Tim Cook’s magic wand to make Apple even more successful

Steve Jobs is currently recognized and will be even more so over the years, as a true genius and a historical reference in the world of technology . His departure from Apple led some to say that from then on the Apple phenomenon would only fall, although as we are seeing, it is not happening, quite the opposite. Tim Cook, Jobs’ successor, has managed to make Apple the most valuable company in the world today and has recently made extraordinary profits .

We could say that in light of what we are seeing, if Cook decided to launch smart glasses on the market, he could repeat the success of the last iPhones and his commitment to increasing the size of the screen.

Is it time to decide on smart glasses as a future device?

Microsoft, Facebook and Google seem to think so , although it must be qualified that the marketing of devices of this type is still far away, except perhaps for what may happen with the Google Glass. We are in an early stage of development and will have to wait, so it is logical that Apple should wait for events to happen while they work in silence . If this market has a real and tangible future, Apple will be there, and if not, Apple’s smart glasses will go like a multitude of other ideas, into a Cupertino’s drawer.

Do you think that Apple should bet even more than it is doing on the market of wearable devices ? Do you think they would be right to bring to market smart glasses? You can leave your comment below and express your opinion about it.

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