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Will this be the second generation of the iPhone X?

There are already several rumors that this year we will have on the table three new iPhone X with different sizes and design improvements. Well, the designers did not want to miss the opportunity to imagine what this new model of iPhone X would look like, with a minor notch for example. This concept has been reflected in the renders published in iDropNews that we leave you below.

The iPhone X would have a more refined design in this 2018, reducing the much hated notch, as all the sensors that make Face ID possible would be integrated in the front camera. As you would no longer have to fit so many sensors in this “eyebrow”, you would have the luxury of reducing notch by improving the user experience when consuming multimedia files.

Will this be the second generation of the iPhone X?
Will this be the second generation of the iPhone X?

In this note that came out last week, referring to Apple’s assembly line, the following was commented on:

According to the industries, we hear that Apple is planning to strengthen the face detection function starting with the 2019 models. That’s why it plans to increase the number of parts to be used for iPhones and is considering combining a face recognition module with a camera module

Also included is the possibility for Apple to decide to adjust the screen much more closely to the edges by considerably reducing the bezels and making a larger infinite screen. Also in these renders, the possibility is being considered for Apple to add a DualSim tray as Ming Chi-Kuo once pointed out.

It’s interesting to see these renders, because they already create a picture of what the next generation of iPhone X could look like. And without a doubt, what they have shown us in iDropNews doesn’t seem to be anything crazy. Although the design is maintained, there could be small improvements, to change what has not liked the current generation.

We are aware that there is still a long way to go for the next generation, and we still have a very recent iPhone that was launched in November. But in this world we are like that, we are not finished enjoying a device and we are already thinking about the next one.

What do you think of these renders?

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