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Will these be the future iPhone 8 cases?

Rumours about the iPhone 8 never cease, and are so many that they even get boring. But this is logical, as the date of its release is approaching, and yet it is our duty to inform you.

New images back up the rumors of the future iPhone 8

In particular, today we will see an image that we have taken from Twitter. In it you can see how a UK company , Olixar, has already started with the manufacture of new tempered glass screen covers and protectors.

Will these be the future iPhone 8 cases?
Will these be the future iPhone 8 cases?

Although it is still early to affirm or contradict this image, at the time of writing this article these products are not on the official website of Olixar . We don’t know if it’s because there never were any, or if it’s because they’ve been removed. But the truth is that the screenshot below is not part of Olixar’s website, but of MobileFun . This is another English company that is allowing us to see a series of accessories for the iPhone that will be presented in September 2017.

Capture of the MobileFun website selling Olixar products.

In fact, if you want to see what products they are selling in detail, you can see it in that online shop . In this shop they are selling accessories for the iPhone 8 , all from Olixan, but nothing guarantees that they are compatible with the real iPhone. Even so, as they are two companies from the UK, it wouldn’t be too strange if they already had access to a model of the real iPhone 8 . Although there is no guarantee that these products were not made based on the rumors …

Screen savers

The screensavers sold on this website are completely in line with the rumors previously seen.

We can see that the screen goes from end to end, except for the top where there is space for 4 holes and a slot for the speaker. Two of these four holes could be for a 3D camera , and the Touch ID looks like it could be integrated into the screen.

Supposed screen saver of the future iPhone 8.

The covers

While the protectors show quite a bit of future design, the covers show even more.

As there is no hole in the back for a Touch ID , nor is there a hole for it in the front, there are only two possibilities: either it is integrated into the apple or it is integrated into the screen . As we can see, the device’s standby button is covered by the case, thus eliminating the possibility of the fingerprint reader being on the button.

Finally, highlight the double chamber back in vertical position . As all the rumours seen so far have pointed out. Furthermore, although it is not quite distinguishable, it seems that the camera will not stand out on this model. Although I clarify that this is what my eyes see, and this is not confirmed by any source …

Supposedly a case for the future iPhone 8.


As you can see, the rumours about the future iPhone that will be presented in a few months are becoming more and more abundant. At this time of year, rumors are beginning to appear everywhere, so differentiating between a real leak and a made-up rumor becomes really complicated. That’s why we recommend to take all this information with a pinch of salt , because as true as it may seem, false rumours are the most abundant.

I personally think that this rumour may be true, although the fact that it’s an external shop and not Olixan himself that has made the mistake makes me doubt it. But well, until the end of this year we won’t know … What do you think?

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