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Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 beat the iPhone 8?

¡Cuidado, tu iPhone podría bloquearse por este bug!

Sinceramente, no creo que este terminal de Samsung logré superar al iPhone. A mi parecer, son dos filosofías distintas de empresa . Sin embargo, este lanzamiento permite mantener en alerta a los californianos, ya que en la actualidad este sector es uno de los más complicados , debido a la gran competencia y a los mercados tan exigentes.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 beat the iPhone 8?
Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 beat the iPhone 8?

Y tú, ¿por qué terminal te decantas?

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Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has become the most anticipated Android device in recent months. After 2016 became one of the most challenging years for Koreans, it seems that the firm has made a strong comeback with the launch of the company’s flagship product.

We cannot deny that this terminal is a true jewel of technology . The Samsung Galaxy S8 has become a good rival for Cupertino’s star, the iPhone.

The big question is whether this device will manage to take the first place from the iPhone. According to Samsung’s official sources, this terminal has been the most reserved in the company’s history . Despite the big problem the firm had with the past Note 7, it seems that customers have not lost confidence with the company. It should be noted, that Samsung has made a great effort with the launch of this latest flagship .

The exact booking figures are not known, but they are probably much lower than Apple’s. Still, many customers are suspicious of Samsung, following incidents with the company’s batteries. For this reason, we will have to wait to see the evolution of sales of this terminal , and see the effect it will have on the next renewal of the iPhone.

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