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Will the MacBook Air range die in 2017?

Is the MacBook Air range going to die? Will today’s MacBooks be the last ones we see? Let’s take a look at these devices and what Apple offers us today to analyse them.

What is a MacBook Air?

MacBook Air is a thin Apple notebook computer. Currently, only the version from 13″ exists but it was also released with a smaller size from 11″. Since 2014, Apple is not updating this device, but actually removed the model from 11″ a few months ago.

Will the MacBook Air range die in 2017?
Will the MacBook Air range die in 2017?

When Steve Jobs took this device out of an envelope in January 2008, it blew everyone’s mind. Apple had created a computer so thin and light it could be carried in an envelope , but this was only the beginning…

Apple opted for a comfortable, lightweight, elegant laptop with a great capacity of autonomy . MacBook Air has flash memory and a battery that promises to last all day, no problem, it can last 10 to 12 hours.

Here you can see the presentation that Steve Jobs made in 2008 of this fantastic device together with Time Capsule.


What computers does Apple offer us today?

In 2015 Apple launched the MacBook, a computer it described as ultrabook . It is a computer that has a very similar design to MacBook Air and is available in four colours (space grey, silver, gold and pink gold). It includes a retina display, Force Touch trackpad, keyboard with a butterfly mechanism and two ports: one for headphone output and microphone input and a USB type C for charging, data transfer and video output.

In the following video you can see a review, from our Youtube channel, where you can get more information about this device:

The MacBook Pro has evolved into an even thinner device than the Air version

Last September, Apple surprised us with the arrival of the new MacBook Pro with a touch bar and a version without this touch bar, both of which are thinner than the MacBook Air. Many, when we saw this new device we thought it could be the end of the Air range at Apple. This device has the portability, lightness and autonomy of an Air or even the Apple ultrabook version . In addition, this device improves power as it is specially designed for professional use in creating and editing both static and moving images. Can Apple opt for lightness in all its devices, without eliminating one of its ranges, or is it a movement in which these Air devices are definitely set aside?

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Apple has not updated the Air range since 2014

Apple has not bothered to do anything about the evolution of the Air range on its MacBook for several years. Main reason to think that perhaps it is thinking of surprising you now . Others think differently, that maybe it’s the reverse movement that we see. With this movement Apple would finally get rid of this range, thus betting on more powerful devices or on devices with a more modern and lighter design .

The latest rumours, just days before WWDC 17, suggest that Apple may be presenting us with an update to the Air device. We will inform you of everything that happens next Monday, January 5th, so don’t forget to keep an eye on the social networks, our YouTube channel and of course our website.

And you, what do you think? Do you think there will be an upgrade of these devices or on the contrary do you think Apple should let them die? Leave your opinion in the comment box.

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